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Titans Tech currently offers the ultimate full custom server files for create an unique MuOnline Server. You can choose between different Seasons and/or Episodes and enable or disable a lot of Events/Systems.

All our versions, have the same basic settings that you can find on WebZen pirated versions. What is special about our emulator? We have 5000+ additional features you can install legally on your MuOnline Private Server.

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MuOnline Ex 700 RoadMap Part 3 & MuOnline Season 8

We are working on MuOnline Season 7 and Season 8 without stop, team isn't closing nor disolving. by — bet0x 2013/06/22 03:26

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MuOnline Server Files

GMO style features

Crystal Edition Ultimate Package
Max Users
Max Normal Monsters
Max Siege Monsters
Season 5 Episode 4
Season 6 Episode 1
Season 6 Episode 2
Season 6 Episode 3
Season 7 - MU Ex 700 PLUS
Battle Soccer
Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom
Golden Invasion 1
Illusion Temple
Loren Deep
Lucky Penny
Moss Merchant
Rain Item Event
Red Dragon Invasion
White Wizzard Invasion
Quests (Normal/Evo)
WZ (GMO) Cash Shop
SkillTree for All Supported Seasons
Expanded Warehouse
Expanded Inventory
WZ Official Helper
Duel System
XMAS Event
Imperial Guardian
PC Point Shop
Double Goer
Season 5 Quests
Season 6 Quests
Season 7 Quests
Swamp Event
Golden Invasion 2
Lucky Items
Chaos Card Event


Crystal Edition Ultimate Package
Server Install Service
Client Install Service
Support & Updates

Custom features

Crystal Edition Ultimate Package
Multi Protocol Support
Halloween Event
Hit And Up Event
Sky Event
VIP System
VIP Personal Shop
VIP Shop (Cmd Mode)
Spawn Mobs Ingame + Save Mobs
News System
GM System
Race Event
Anti-Flood System/GS Firewall
Extra Exp System
Auto-Exp System
Auto Learn Skill System
Blue Event
Summer Event
Green Event
Happy Hour
Marry System
Reset System
Custom Quests
Bot Alchemist
Bot Buffer
Bot Hide And Seek
Bot Pet 1
Bot Pet 2
Bot Racer
Bot Reward
Bot Store
Bot Trader
Bot Warper
Titan Ranking Event
Titan Lottery Event
Question and Answer Event
Gens Close Map
Boss Attack
Multiples Warehouse
Guild Warehouse
Crystal Wall Anti Cheat (Client⇔Server)
Crystal Unique Mu Shop (Window Mode)
Crystal Custom Wings
Crystal Custom Jewels
Crystal Custom Items
3D Camera

Supported Versions

  • Season 5 Episode 4
  • Season 6 Episode 1
  • Season 6 Episode 2
  • Season 6 Episode 3
  • Season 7 a.k.a Mu Ex 700


Crystal Edition Ultimate Package
Monthly Fees 70 USD 70 USD
One Time Payment (Join Price) 750 USD 650 USD


  • Monthly payment is mandatory, it cover's support, updates (yes they are free) and many other services.
  • One Time Payment is a price to join the club.
  • We do give security updates as server upgrades (Windows) and we do secure your host before you launch.
  • Migrations from IGCN and MuEngine are FREE.
  • No dedicated server included.
  • No web script (YET).

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